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Maximise your revenue through efficient revenue management. Expert knowledge and the most advanced technology backed by the guarantee of extensive experience.
The trust of our clients is our greatest guarantee

Are you sure you’re making the most profitable decisions for your hotel?

We know how complicated hotel revenue management can be.

That’s why we’re here to support you every step of the way, cooperating with your hotel’s team on strategic analysis.

To help you achieve your goals, we have a range of powerful technology tools and years of professional experience behind us.

Our Know-How

  • We have proven capabilities and our own distinctive method. This is in addition to all the necessary analytical tools to develop an effective revenue management strategy.
  • Our more than 14 years of experience in hotel revenue are our best guarantee, as reflected by the more than 300 hotels we work with.
  • We have advanced technology to help you maximise your revenue, from initial levels to more advanced scenarios.
  • Our Smart Revenue system incorporates sophisticated forecasting models that allow you to have a clear vision of your production.

Our Team

We are a whole team of professionals with backgrounds in hospitality and management engineering, firmly committed to maximising your revenue.

Every day, more than 100 hotels across Latin America trust us to increase their revenue by 10% to 20% in all segments, sales channels and business areas.

Our industry-leading position is highly proven.

What we offer you

We put our extensive expertise in hospitality management, business and marketing strategies, industrial engineering and optimisation at your disposal.

Our greatest guarantee is a proven track record of success since 2008 in more than 300 hotel establishments. In addition, we are able to develop our own technology, which has proven to be successful in international markets and different types of hotel and properties.

RevNext Method

Our technology allows for greater clarity in forecasting and decision-making. In this way, we simply and effectively position your hotel.

We manage your hotel's e-commerce so your company can save time on laborious tasks such as decision-making, establishing rates and promotions, solving disparities and setting up systems and sales channels.

  • Revenue management isn't about changing rates based on the competition or a quick, half-hour analysis every day.
  • Its speed and environment need ongoing information analysis and correct processing to achieve efficient results. It requires continuous planning, forecasting, budgeting and data monitoring.
  • Applying professional revenue management with experience in forecasting, segmentation, online distribution and sales, as well as an understanding of the technology involved in marketing (PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, CRM, metasearch engines, digital marketing attribution models) isn't easy, and having our own qualified professionals is more expensive than hiring the services of RevNext.
  • Outsourcing allows the hotel to achieve superior performance in its business operations. Total revenue management pays attention to every aspect that generates income at the establishment. The current landscape is affected by great uncertainty, which means having top professionals on hand is imperative.

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  • Step 2Free audit
    We'll perform a full audit that will allow us to analyse occupancy, average financial prices, net prices, revenue from accommodation, total revenue and the total net margin.
    Based on this analysis, we'll present you with a quote and a detailed objective proposal with the aim of increasing your revenue.
  • Paso 3¡Empezamos!
    We'll sign a contract detailing the defined commitments and we'll start working to achieve them.
    We'll be on hand to support you, answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.
    You'll start to see the first results in just a few weeks.

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